Privacy policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which is downloaded to your device (computer, tablet or smartphone) when you visit a website. This text saves information that the website is able to read when the same device visits that website again. Basically, cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize your device.

Cookies have several purposes:

They help you navigate more efficiently among the various pages of the site. They save your preferences and in general, they improve your navigation experience. In some cases, cookies enable the site to show you the special offers that might interest you most. Some of these cookies are necessary for the correct functioning of the site; others are useful because they are able to memorize safely your username or language settings. The advantage of having cookies installed on your own device is that you no longer need to enter the same information every time you need to access a website you have previously visited.

Some cookies are uninstalled automatically at the end of each session (from the opening of the browser to closing). Others are downloaded to the user’s device for a longer period (usually, these cookies are used to save favourites and the choices made by the user visiting a website or to profile some commercial promotions).

The website might contain both original cookies and third-party’s cookies, i.e. cookies that are activated by a dominion that is different from the website’s.

Why does ATEL use cookies?

ATEL uses cookies to provide a navigation and purchase experience that is focused, as much as possible, around your needs and preferences. Thanks to cookies, every time you visit ATEL, you do not have to enter information previously added. Cookies are also used to improve the website performance: they make the final procedure for purchases easier as well as the search for elements and specific products faster within the website.

What cookies are active on the ATEL site?

The ATEL website as the following cookies which are active:

1.  Necessary cookies: they are essential to allow website navigation and to use its various functions, among which the access to private user areas. Without these cookies, e-commerce features (for instance, the purchase and payment functions) cannot work.

2. Cookies improving website performance: these cookies collect information on how the website is visited, for instance, which pages are viewed most. These cookies do not collect identification information on the user but only aggregate and anonymous data. They are used exclusively to improve website performance.

3. Cookies managing certain functions: these are cookies that enable the website to save your preferences (for instance, your username, your language, your country, etc.) and as a consequence, they provide a more personalized navigation experience; that means they allow us to provide you with the exact service you have requested.

4. Cookies profiling commercial offers: these cookies enable us to present you commercial offers that may meet your interests. They might even work in the sense that they could limit the number of times a certain commercial offer is presented, that is to say, they could be used to assess how much a specific promotional campaign has been effective.

How do I stop the use of cookies?

It is possible to change the browser to disallow cookies by means of a very simple procedure (be aware: when you disallow cookies, username and password will no longer be saved on the website log in).